FIDIC Model Contracts in Mexico: Why and How Should They be Used.

Por - CNEC
11-01-23 16:07

Roberto Hernandez Garcia


Foreign contractors, construction lawyers and academics often ask if there are model contracts in Mexico and if FIDIC model contracts are used in this Latin American country. The answer is straightforward: there are no model contracts in Mexico, and although there have been several private construction contracts in Mexico that used FIDIC model contracts, in no way do these represent the large amount of contracts that are signed every day in our country. Being the 16th largest economy in the world with a GDP of US$1,291 billion, 2 million square kilometres and 129 million people, we would expect that the answer would be different. This article is intended to explain why, in the opinion of the author, we have found ourselves with a lack of tools that can provide to the construction industry better tools for their development, and this need is not only because we require “model contracts”. It goes beyond such an idea, as we will explain.

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